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Open Joint stock company "140 repair plant" (hereinafter - JSC "140 repair plant") was established on the basis of the order of the Minsk regional territorial fund of state property dated December 23, 2009 № 28 by converting the republican unitary enterprise "140 repair plant ", registered by the Minsk regional executive Committee dated  January 20, 2001 №36 in the Unified state register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs with №  600136102, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus on state property privatization.

The founder of the enterprise is the State Military Industrial Committee of the Republic of Belarus.

In times of the Soviet Union the "140 repair plant" was the parent enterprise  on major overhaul and modernization of the infantry fighting vehicles BMP-1 and BMP-2, T-72A and T-72B. On the basis of the enterprise together with design and technological center of  GBTU of  USSR Ministry of Defense were worked out technologies of overhaul and modernization of armored vehicles and weapons, which were subsequently implemented in other repair enterprises. The company has also carried out major repairs of diesel internal combustion engines such as    B-2, B-6, D-6, D-12, UTD-20.

In 1968 was mastered the overhaul of BMP-1 and the plant got a new name - 140 plant on repair of armored vehicles.

In 1981was mastered the overhaul of T-72.

In 1988 was mastered the overhaul of IMR.

So in the Soviet period the  enterprise has repaired more than 13,000 infantry fighting vehicles BMP-1 and BMP-2, 1000 tanks and 77 000 engines.

As a result of the latest enterprise developments in cooperation with foreign partners were created a fundamentally new armored vehicles "Cobra-S" and "Cobra-K." At the International Exhibition of military equipment in Jordan, held in October 2002, these machines have demonstrated their combat and technical capabilities, by results of which "Cobra-K" was awarded a silver medal.

In 2004 was mastered the overhaul and modernization of "not profile production" - tracked vehicles GM-569, GM 577, GM 579, vol. 308 of the "BUK" composition of anti-missile system.

In 2007 was held the modernization of armored reconnaissance patrol vehicle BRDM-2.

In 2009 was mastered the overhaul of tanks T-80B, BA, IOO.

In 2012 by the designers of the enterprise was developed a high cross terrain vehicle - a snow and swamp-going vehicle "Pegasus" for moving people and goods in a difficult terrain with swamps and marshes in areas with deep snow.

In 2014, the company designers developed the armored vehicle "Cayman" which is intended to participate in the reconnaissance and sabotage operations, patrolling and accompanying columns, peacekeeping and police operations, conducting activities in emergency situations.

On the basis of the enterprise together with Russian partners were created modern simulator complexes, which by their training effectiveness are superior to their foreign counterparts. Among them, the driver's simulator TV-172 tank and mobile tank crew integrated simulator MKT-72.

Repair of diesel engines is carried out in a specialized body with a separate test station.

At present JSC "140 repair plant" specializes in armored vehicles and offers the following services:

  • Major overhaul and modernization of armored vehicles and weapons:
  • T-55, T-72, T-80, BMP 1/2, BTR-60, 70, 80 and their modifications;
  • Modernization of the BMP-1 to the kind of fighting machine "Cobra-C";
  • Modernization of  BTR-70 to the kind of  armored personnel carrier "Cobra K";
  • Warranty and service maintenance of refurbished machines;
  • Supply of spare parts and components for armored vehicles;
  • Training of Customer’s specialists in repair works of armored vehicles;
  • Overhaul of over 50 modifications of diesel engines;
  • Manufacturing of rubber products (RTI) in the molding tools of the Customer and its own production;
  • Manufacturing of various non-standard technological equipment and tooling, stamps, molding tools for manufacturing of rubber goods and other accessories, as by documentation of customers and of its own development.

JSC "140 repair plant" suggests a snow and swamp-going vehicle "Pegasus" and the special purpose vehicle "CAYMAN".