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Customer Information

To place an order (request) for the products,  our company services, you must do the following:

To send a fax or e-mail:


tel. / fax + 375 177 76-35-84

e-mail: info@140zavod.by

Director’s reception

tel. / fax + 375 177 76-20-32

Department of material and technical supply

tel. / fax (+375 177) 76-35-15; 76-28-35; 73-33-53

e-mail: omts@140zavod.by

Department of Marketing and Sales

tel. / fax (+375 177) 73-66-19; 73-21-83

e-mail: market@140zavod.by

see tab Contacts

A letter of appeal to the director or the chief engineer – first deputy director with an indication of the contact person and phone for quick communication.

If you have additional questions, please call / fax or e-mail to the Secretariat